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Teen Bed Wetting

Teen bed wetting is a problem that most teenagers are embarrassed to admit or even talk about. It is a problem that most teens would rather keep to themselves. In the process, they might continue to feel as insecure knowing that they are experiencing something that most kids their age would find funny and quite embarrassing. But there are some things that teenagers who frequently experience bed wetting should know.

They are not alone.
Despite being an embarrassing experience, teen bed wetting is not actually that rare among teenagers. In fact, millions of teenagers from around th4e world actually experience bed wetting at one point or another. Some even may wet their bed every single night. It can be so common that some friends may also be having the same problem and are embarrassed to talk about it.

Bed wetting is normal during the teenage years.
Although not all teenagers may have the problem of bed wetting, it is considered quite normal among teenagers especially during this formative stage in their lives. One of the main reasons why teenagers wet their beds is that they tend to be deep sleepers. Some teenagers sleep so soundly that they seem not to be bothered with their bladders getting full during the night. This can lead to wetting their bed that they only realize after waking up in the morning.

Some teenagers may even dream in their sleep going into the toilet that can become so realistic that they already wet their bed while dreaming of peeing in the bathroom. It is also common for bed wetters not to experience it when they sleep at a friend's house. The reason is that they usually get anxious about wetting their bed that they end up not sleeping as soundly and as deep as they do at home.

Bed wetting usually goes away in time.
The good news with teen bed wetting is that it usually goes away as time goes by. The problem may even go away without receiving any treatment at all. But it would always be better for teenagers to have a talk with a family physician or their parents especially if it is increasingly becoming quite a concern for them. It would often be helpful for teenagers to be as truthful and as honest when their doctors begin asking questions concerning their lives.

Treating bed wetting in teenagers
Although it is a problem that will go away in time, teens can also help themselves try to outgrow the habit through a variety of ways. One of the ways that may greatly help teens get rid of bed wetting is by practicing certain bladder exercises. One of the reasons why most teens wet their bed is that they may have poor bladder control. Bladders can be taught to better control their contents by doing certain exercises that strengthen it.

One of the easiest ways to do it is by trying to wait a little longer to pee during the day when one feels like going to the bathroom. Trying to stop peeing midway while doing it will also help strengthen bladder control over time. There are medicines that may help stop teen bed wetting. But such medicines do not provide a cure for the condition and only serve as a temporary remedy for bed wetting at best.


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