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Parental Tips For Bed Wetting Kids

Parenting is a tough job. There are certain things that parents should have to deal with when it comes to their kids. One of them is the case of bed wetting.

bed wetting or enuresis is a common condition that affect most kids from three years old and below. It may also be common in some older kids and even in adolescents. It is characterized by the habit of children unknowingly urinating on their bed during sleep. bed wetting is a condition that can greatly affect the kids. It is up to the parents to treat this condition the right way so as to make the kids feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. Here are some parental tips that might help.

Punishment does not work.
Parents should be aware that punishing a child for bed wetting would not be effective in helping them outgrow the habit. It is something that the kids usually do not have control of. Even worse, kids might feel guilty and insecure whenever they wet their beds at night. This can develop into serious psychological and emotional issues later on. Positive reinforcement would usually work better than punishment when it comes to bed wetting.

Make kids follow a sleeping schedule.
One way for parents to help their kids is to establish a regular bedtime routine. Following routines can usually help the body to develop better bladder control over time. A regular sleeping schedule can help condition kids when its time to sleep and the time to pee.

Limit their liquid intake before sleeping.
Since bed wetting is all about bladder control, parents can help their kids stay dry at night by limiting the kid's liquid intake during dinner time. It may be good enough to help prevent some kids from bed wetting at night. But don't go so far as to totally restrict the kids from taking any liquids since this might sometimes also do more harm than good.

Help Kids Keep A Bed Wetting Journal
Doctors found out that by giving children better control over their problems, they are more likely to take more responsibility for trying to solve them. Such problems may include bed wetting. By having a bed wetting journal or calendar that kids can see, this might help them keep track and better be able to have a hand in trying to control their bed wetting at night.

A bed wetting journal or calendar can be as simple as a calendar where parents can put a star whenever a child experiences a dry night. As simple as it is, a bed wetting journal can help a child feel a sense of accomplishment every time he or she makes it dry on some nights and then get rewarded for it by a star.

Make sleeping time pleasant for the kids.
Stress and fear is one of the main causes of bed wetting in kids. When the kids feel scared or nervous right before they sleep, it can cause them to wet their beds at night. Parents can help avoid this by making their kids feel comfortable as well as assured right before bedtime.

This might include refraining from scolding them or making them feel guilty for whatever they may have done during the day.


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