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Is Your Kid Bed Wetting? Consult a Doctor

Bed wetting can be a sign of a disease that may need immediate medical attention. That is why consulting a doctor is a must in certain cases. If your child still wets the bed after the age of six, feels pain when urinating, or behaves oddly (e.g., becoming shy or manifesting sexually suggestive behaviours), then it is recommended that you seek medical advice from a professional. Snoring, frequent thirst, and pink urine are also indications that your child needs to be checked by a doctor.

How can a doctor help you solve the problem? The doctor will conduct tests and come up with a diagnosis regarding your child’s condition. He will start by asking several questions about your child’s medical history, bed-wetting patterns, and toilet habits.

It pays to know what to expect when you visit the doctor. Particularly, it would be better to know beforehand the questions the doctor may ask so that you can provide accurate answers. Some of the doctor’s questions may include the following:

* Does the condition run in your family?
* How long has your child been wetting the bed? When did it start?
* How often does he wet the bed? Does it wake him up?
* Have your child had dry nights before?
* How often does he urinate at daytime? Does he have problems with controlling urination?
* Are there particular foods, drinks, or activities that seem to cause your child’s condition? Does the child drink beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol?
* Is your kid going through any kind of stressful event or life changes in the family? Does the urination occur more frequently when he is stressed?
* Does the child feel pain and other symptoms when he urinates?
* Does he have a history of urinary tract infection?
* Is there a history of diabetes in your family?
* What other symptoms are present (e.g., pain in the back and abdomen, fever, etc.)?
* What medications does your child take?
* How are things going on at home and at school for your child?
* Do other family members know the problem? How is your child’s condition treated within your family?
* Do you punish the child for wetting the bed?

Next, the doctor will conduct a physical exam on your child. Also, urine tests such as urinalysis, urodynamic studies, and urine culture will be done to check if your child has diabetes or infection. Your child will be checked as well for bladder and urinary tract problems. If the doctor thinks there is something wrong with your child’s body, he may recommend that your child have an X-ray so that the bladder and kidneys can be checked for abnormalities. Your child’s abdomen, urinary opening, and rectum will be checked as well.

Finally, the doctor will make a diagnosis related to bed wetting and discuss your options when it comes to treatment. Take heed of your doctor’s advice so that your child can stop wetting the bed soon.


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