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Bed Wetting Effects On Your Child

There are different causes of bed wetting, it is not just something your child would do to get into your nerves. These are night time accidents that could happen even with the best potty trained children. Some would say that children would outgrow bed wetting, but there are some parents who are anxious to help their children get over with them. Bed wetting could interfere with your child’s social activities like attending slumber parties and camps. Aside from interfering with social activities, it could also affect the child’s confidence and esteem.

Within the age of five years old, about 20% of children still wet their beds. For parents and children, it is important to know that this is a common problem and not just a problem with your child. Doctors and medical professionals would often stress on the fact that bed wetting is not intentional and your child is not to be blamed with the situation. Some parents or family members approach bed wetting as a big problem or issue which adds to the pressure and stress on the child.

As mentioned, bed wetting could have an impact on your child’s confidence and self-esteem. There are debates about this relation, however, there are also medical researches showing that bed wetting management was able to help in improving the child’s self-esteem. Children and adolescents acknowledge that bed wetting could be a stressful event in the family. Bed wetting closely follows divorce and parents fighting as a family problem according to children and adolescents.

Some children who suffer from bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis can get punished by parents, teased by siblings and other relatives, and tend to keep it as a secret from friends for the fear of getting embarrassed or ashamed. There are also studies showing that children tend to develop behavioural problems that are often associated with the stress and the low-self –esteem of children with nocturnal enuresis. Children could feel guilty or withdrawn especially if they sensed that they have no control over the problem.

Behaviour problems could even manifest in the schools. There are studies showing that children suffering from bed wetting tend to be more aggressive and project a poor self-image. These children may also have problems paying attention in class, get lower grades and overall performance in school.

A child who wets the bed may consider this night time incident as a big time problem. As a parent and family members, it is important to downplay this problem. Stress caused by bed wetting may even worsen the incident. Constant assuring is important. Children may feel that they are the only ones who experience bed wetting in their age. Assure your kid that what he is experiencing is a common problem. It is just that children may be embarrassed to talk about it. You could even share a story of another family member who also had trouble with bed wetting but was able to get over it. Assure your child that you will be with him all the way.

There are studies showing that children who have problems with bed wetting often would say that the best thing about staying dry will be participating in sleepovers and camps. This may make your child feel isolated. And feeling isolated is never good for anyone.


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